Real Money Reward$

Finally!  A refreshing twist on loyalty programs.  Consider:

With Shoppers Optimum™ points, you get 10 points for each dollar you spend.  You need 8000 points to save $10 on your next purchase! That’s only a mere 1.25% savings.

Register here for Hawthorne Pharmacy’s Real Money Reward$ customer loyalty program, and get a full 10% off of our already low front store* prices at the time of purchase – no waiting required!  Yeah.  It’s called common sense.

You also receive the following benefits:

  • front-of-the line access to our clinic days and promotional events
  • additional savings, on top of our promotional ads
  • discounts on Sigvaris compression wear

Bonus:  If you don’t have any more room in your purse or wallet for another plastic loyalty card, no problem!  You have the following plastic-less options:

  1. We can attach a sticker version of your RMR™ card to an existing card in your wallet,
  2. You can add RMR™ to stand-alone apps such as CardStar™.

*By Ontario law, prescription products are not eligible for loyalty programs.

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